Sara Moore

“The HUB has provided me with a place to facilitate meeting my clients in person in a flexible and convenient manner without the large overhead costs of maintaining an office space.  I have found The HUB Manager to be supportive, welcoming, and incredibly knowledgeable with regards to connecting members with other local businesses and services within our community.  Overall, The HUB is a business that lives to its vision; supporting local business owners and encouraging our community to flourish.”

Kyra Watters

“In 2016 working from home became a challenge, and the cost of meeting clients in cafes was costing me a fortune, … my budget at the time would not allow me to rent an entire, fully equipped office space. I did however have dreams of growing the business, but I needed a space that would allow for slow growth.

When I stepped foot into the HUB I knew instantly it was a great fit! … I instantly had access to highspeed, meeting rooms, a kitchen and a modern accessible building!  Being surrounded by like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs, there was never shortage of someone to bounce ideas off of.

The business grew rapidly, and my company of one became a team of 10, and we outgrew our office space. The HUB was a huge part of that success, and the ability to achieve it. It truly was an incubator for the business and gave me the support and tools to take everything to the next level!”

Pauline Meunier

“Having a professional work space has improved my productivity. When I arrive at the HUB it becomes work time and when I leave, work stays there, which has improved my work / life balance.

The internet speed has been a game changer, proper high-speed internet is not available where I live.  As a remote worker I appreciate the other HUB members, it is a good feeling to have other like-minded entrepreneurs to chat with and often collaborate with. One of the best resources Huntsville has to offer.”

Lynette Franklin

“As a member using Semi-Private space, the Hub services are indispensable, since internet is not an option at home… the HUB has become my hub for so many personal and business connections!”