The HUB has been developed by New Vision Unlimited (NewVU), a nationally registered, not-for-profit community development organization that has been working in distinct locations since 2006.

Our Mission & Strategic Direction

To empower people to step out of the confines of their day to day reality
and move forward with a newly inspired, directed and energized sense of who they are
and how they fit into the needs of the world around them.

We carry out this mission by working within strategic partnerships to identify opportunities for growth, offer logistical and planning support where needed, and teach skills that equip people to make change within their own lives and communities.

Facts About New VU
  • New VU established in 2007 as a nationally registered not-for-profit
  • We currently have operations in Northwestern Ontario and Muskoka
  • We operate on a social venture model which means we combine the skill and strategy of a business with the spirit and dedication of a charity to help people create the change they wish to see in the world.
  • A portion of the money we raise through our work is set aside and reinvested back into the communities we service by initiating innovative projects
  • The focus of our operations changes based on the needs of the area we are servicing and the people we are collaborating with to initiate change.
New VU Change Projects
  • Obviously a key initiative is establishing THE HUB in Huntsville.
  • IMPACT Arts – an artistic expression of what we do, is producing a professional quality feature length film that looks at the issue of sexual assault.
  • Building Communities Of Trust – We assist in building relational skills to help people engage in mutually fulfilling relationships where obtaining consent is not only considered essential, but attractive!  We challenge the culture that allows sexual violence to thrive, and we equip people with tools and mentoring so they can take action in their schools, organizations, workplaces and communities.

“As a member using Semi-Private space, the Hub services are indispensable, since internet is not an option at home… the HUB has become my hub for so many personal and business connections!”

Lynette Franklin