WE ARE OPEN! Your health and well-being is our first priority. We have implemented work space cleaning stations, more physical distance between work stations, additional hand sanitizers, and a policy and procedure for all members to adhere to. If you are concerned about the safety of our space, or have suggestions, please feel free to contact The HUB Manager.

Wilton Ip & April Lau

circular_phone 437-778-6688

location 16H Fu Cheung Center Wong Chuk Yeung St Fotan, HK

Terry Gaughan

circular_phone 705-380-0752

location Suite 203, 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

Judy Lacey

circular_phone 705-349-1811


location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

John Guarasci

circular_phone 705-725-3198


location 126 Wellington St. W. Barrie, ON L4N 1K9

Ali Ajram

circular_phone 438 820 5036

location 172 Woodside Cres, Beaconsfield QC, H9W 2N5

Chris Gilmour

circular_phone 705-783-0169

location 1 Crescent Road Huntsville ON

Kasia Juszczak

circular_phone 705-571-0740

location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

Robin Brushey

circular_phone 1-855-699-6330


location 345, promenade Ecclestone Drive Unit 51 Bracebridge, ON P1L 1R1

Daniel Bradbury

circular_phone 705-788-3932


location Suite 202, 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

Will Hicks

circular_phone 705-349-2288


location 1 Crescent Rd., Huntsville ON

David Perlock

circular_phone 705.645.3459


location 1 Crescent Rd., Huntsville ON

The Velocity Partners focuses on helping small-to-medium businesses grow and thrive. We off a myriad of business services including assistance with business software, bookkeeping, corporate and small business tax preparation, and growth services such as sales coaching, talent recruiting, and government funding assistance.

Dawid Juszczak

circular_phone 416-473-7249

location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

Jake Baranik

circular_phone 249.502.8050


location 234 Dill Street, Bracebridge ON, P1L 1C6

Rachel Hofstetter

circular_phone 705-990-1388

location 554 Fern Glen Road Emsdale ON P0A1J0


circular_phone 705-641-1165


location 1 Crescent Rd, Huntsville ON P1H 1Z6

Sara Moore

circular_phone 705-571-6559

location 39 Kendra Crescent Huntsville, ON P1H 2M5

Jackie Riley

circular_phone 705-787-5459


location 59 Main Street East Unit 2A& 3A ​Huntsville, On P1H 2B8

Clarence Dykstra

circular_phone 705-380-0950

location 1 Crescent Rd., Huntsville ON

Melinda Zytaruk

circular_phone 1-416-526-9711


location 2630 Muskoka Rd 117 PO Box 10 Baysville

Gerry Lajoie RSW

circular_phone 705-365-7752


location 75 Carium Road Timmins ON P0N 1G0

Cathy Burke

circular_phone 705-328-9431


location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

Gilbert + Burke is an industry leading design-build firm known for unique design, custom home and cottage construction, and extensive remodels in the Muskoka, Kawartha, and GTA regions. We create stunning, unique homes and cottages that are environmentally responsible, healthy, and energy smart.

Caitlin Cooke



location 1 Crescent Rd., Huntsville ON

Ashli Phippen

circular_phone 705-783-1599

location Muskoka ON

Mike Harrower

circular_phone 705-784-0957

location Suite 201, 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

Betty McDonald

circular_phone 705 349 3638

location 1 Crescent Rd Huntsville ON P1H 1Y9

Michael Smith

circular_phone 7053490124


location 4312 Kawagama Rd. P.O. 424 Dorset ON. P0A 1E0

Susan Bobyk


location 1 Crescent Road Huntsville ON

Bev Lashbrook, Executive Director

circular_phone (705) 789-6878 Ext. 222


location 100 Frank Miller Drive Huntsville, Ontario P1H 1H7

Gord Bell

circular_phone 705-380-0899


location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON Canada

Elizabeth Rice

circular_phone 705-789-6700


location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

We believe in digging deeper, seeking truth, and presenting local news with a difference. We aim to be your go-to site for everything happening in Huntsville and our extended local community. We are working hard to be your primary news source.

Alain Hurtubise

circular_phone 905-910-0361


location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

We have over 20 years of experience in the ERP software industry in implementing, developing and supporting a broad range of companies. We are on the cutting-edge and utilize new technology and new ideas. We value quality and making your technical processes more efficient and easy to use.

Julie Veitch

circular_phone 705-571-3994


location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

Inner Core coaching was born from a desire to feel comfortable in my own skin. I now help others move from angst to inner calm. Unlike talk therapy, Inner Core coaching guides you to discover the answers that live inside using the body as a conduit.

Jennifer Nicholson

circular_phone 705-787-8025

location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON Canada

Joseph Pest

circular_phone 705-635-3067


location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

Judy Gould

circular_phone 416.465.4225

location 15 Coady Ave, Toronto, ON M4M2Y9

Kathleen May

circular_phone 705-380-3371

location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

Kathryn Ince

circular_phone 905 580134


location 1185 Hwy 141 Rosseau, ON P0C 1J0

Patti Kay Hanrath

circular_phone 705-787-5437


location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

Patti is a high-energy coach guiding clients through transformational learning opportunities to achieving better results. Strong in leading teams, taking a financial operation from 0 to 32 Million in 4 yrs and a team 17th in Customer Service to #1 in 8 mos. Patti is passionate about partnering with individuals and teams to develop leadership skills, habits and attitudes through accountability, to elevate success. Gaining clarity of purpose, she customizes your journey to unlock your untapped potential. Patti supports her clients through Coaching, Training and Workshops to develop effective communication, improved productivity, increased personal development, intentional goal setting and achieving, productive team collaboration to breaking through barriers that creates real and lasting results. Patti is eager to help Kinect You to Your Potential!

Akeem Biodun

circular_phone (705) 388-2248

location 505 Hwy 118 W Suite 320 Bracebridge ON P1L 2G7

Mike & Kirsty Koop

circular_phone 705 571-5244


location 1 Crescent Rd Huntsville, ON

Jenny Simpson

circular_phone 905 941-4185


location 64 Elderwood Drive, St. Catharines Ontario L2S 3E7

Lynette Franklin

circular_phone 416-528-3775

location 510 Evergreen Trail RR#3 Utterson, ON P0B 1M0

Julie Kolodziej

circular_phone 705 990 3100


location 2642 Ravenscliffe Road Huntsville, ON, P1H 2J2

Marie Tindall

circular_phone 289-264-4737

location 1477 Old Parry Sound Rd Utterson ON P0B1M0

Joe Bladek

circular_phone 705-238-3479


location 80 Mary Street Suite #2, Barrie, Ontario

Jeremy McClung

circular_phone 705-783-1966


location 1 Crescent Rd., Huntsville ON

Jodi Chapman-Good

circular_phone (705) 646-9511, Extension 260


location 1 Crescent Rd, Huntsville ON

Food Co op

circular_phone 705-380-3340


location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

Food Co-ops are owned by the peole who use them. MNGFC was created to build a strong food system and a make healthy food connections for consumers. Creating a strong food system creates a healthier, confident community!

Vicky Barrett

circular_phone (705) 783 9697

location 25 Morgan Heights Drive Huntsville P1H1B7

Erin Horvath

circular_phone 807-737-0019

location 1 Crescent Rd, Box 14 Huntsville, ON, P1H 1Z6

Katy McGregor

circular_phone 705-382-0991

location 173 Owl Lake Rd Katrine, ON P0A 1L0

Andrew Kainz

circular_phone 416 627-3686

location 1 Crescent Rd Huntsville ON

Patti Schneider

circular_phone 705.571.1586

location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON P1H 1Z6

Pauline Meunier

circular_phone 705-349-2811


location PO Box 18 Utterson, ON P0B 1M0

Sparky Smith

circular_phone 705-788-7688


location Huntsville, ON

Katharine Loucaidou

circular_phone 416-550-3644


location 15 ALLAN DRIVE #6 BOLTON, Ontario L7E2B5

Avery Kalemba

circular_phone 416.996.1515


location 212-1 Crescent Road Huntsville, ON, P1H 1Z6 canada

Cynthia DeSilva

circular_phone (249) 700-4236

location 118 Taverners Road, Kearney

Peter Roth

circular_phone 647-802-7874

location 1 Crescent Rd., Huntsville On

Robert MacDonald

circular_phone 416-802-8470


location 1250A Reid Street Unit 3A Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1G3

Sandy Ebbs

circular_phone 705-571-4811

location 1785 Feen Glen Road, Emsdale ON

Sarah Fiorini-Taylor

circular_phone 705-349-1906


location 118 Longlake Rd PO Box 96 Novar ON P0A 1R0

Jacob Barkey

circular_phone 705.349.1980

location 1 Crescent Rd., Huntsville ON

Kim Karges

circular_phone 705 346-0248


location 27 James St, Parry Sound, ON P2A 1T6

Sue Bell and Carradene Kyneston

circular_phone 705-783-2439 and 705-380-7428

location 1193 South Waseosa Lake Road Huntsville, ON P1H 2N5

Patrick Armstrong

circular_phone 7052424808

location 14-1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

Nicole Fisico

circular_phone 7053804446


location PO Box 164 Dwight, ON P0A 1H0

Megan Mensour

circular_phone 705-571-1925

location 35 Lake Drive Huntsville ON P1H 1E8

Emma Mensour

circular_phone 705-571-5636

location 35 Lake Drive Huntsville ON P1H 1E8

Katrina Scarlett

circular_phone (705) 205-0597


location 22 Johnston St., P.O. Box 499, Port Carling P0B 1J0

Sue Paterson

circular_phone 289-319-2732


location 16 Industrial Parkway South Aurora, ON L4G 0R4

James Munroe

circular_phone 709-771-0450

location 75 Pine Ridge Rd Huntsville, ON P1H 2J3

Honor Fiorini

circular_phone (705)279-1359

location 1 Crescent Rd Huntsville ON P1H 1Z6


circular_phone 7057834676


location 1 Crescent Rd., Huntsville ON

Graham Thompson

circular_phone 705-783-4676


location 1 Crescent Road, Huntsville ON

Our Vision is to see children, youth and young adults of all cultures, beliefs, sexual orientation and social class engage in effective, affordable holistic health services using experiential, relational based therapy to develop life coping skills to successfully manage the world around them.

Linda Kern

circular_phone 416-520-4897

location 77 City Centre Drive, Suite 501 Mississauga, ON L5B 1M5

Heather Berg

circular_phone 1-705-349-3788

location Box 5411 Huntsville, P1H 2K7

Jane McCutcheon

circular_phone 705-789-8611


location 1811 Aspdin Rd Utterson ON P0B 1M0

Sue Rose

circular_phone 905-960-0997

location 4617 Ravenscliffe Road Huntsville, ON P1H 2J2

Jeff Meilach

circular_phone (416) 526-2331


location 349 Carlaw Avenue Suite 100, Toronto, Ontario, M4M 2T1

Josh Desilva

circular_phone (226) 341-0177


location 118 Taverners Road, Kearney, ON

Marcel Pariseau

circular_phone 323-957-0730

location 3575 Cahuenga Blvd. W Suite 360 Los Angeles, CA 90068

Wain Choi

circular_phone 416-433-4304

location 206-135 George Street South Toronto ON M5A 4E8

Kyra Watters

circular_phone 705-789-1534


location 1 Crescent Rd. Suite #214, Huntsville ON

Bill Nunn

circular_phone 705-571-4778

location 62 Glencairn Crescent Huntsville ON P1H 2J4

Brad Rose

circular_phone 705-380-1547

location 1 Crescent Rd., Huntsville ON

Hannah Lin

circular_phone 705-645-9827

location 440 Ecclestone Drive, Unit C3, Bracebridge, Ontario, P1L 1Z6


New Vision Unlimited (NewVU), the social enterprise that has brought The HUB to Muskoka, has received the 2017 Rural Ontario Leaders Award in the category of outstanding non-government organization. The award recognizes outstanding leaders among rural residents, communities, businesses and organizations for work in improving the quality of life and economic well-being of rural Ontario. … Continue reading “Award Winners!”