Elliott Sheaves

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Neil Longtin

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Scott McCreight

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Emerson Bredin

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Kasia Juszczak

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David Perlock

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The Velocity Partners focuses on helping small-to-medium businesses grow and thrive. We off a myriad of business services including assistance with business software, bookkeeping, corporate and small business tax preparation, and growth services such as sales coaching, talent recruiting, and government funding assistance.

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Cathy Burke

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Gilbert + Burke is an industry leading design-build firm known for unique design, custom home and cottage construction, and extensive remodels in the Muskoka, Kawartha, and GTA regions. We create stunning, unique homes and cottages that are environmentally responsible, healthy, and energy smart.

Ashli Phippen

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Hugh MacKenzie

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We believe in digging deeper, seeking truth, and presenting local news with a difference. We aim to be your go-to site for everything happening in Huntsville and our extended local community. We are working hard to be your primary news source.

Alain Hurtubise

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We have over 20 years of experience in the ERP software industry in implementing, developing and supporting a broad range of companies. We are on the cutting-edge and utilize new technology and new ideas. We value quality and making your technical processes more efficient and easy to use.

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Julie Veitch

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Inner Core coaching was born from a desire to feel comfortable in my own skin. I now help others move from angst to inner calm. Unlike talk therapy, Inner Core coaching guides you to discover the answers that live inside using the body as a conduit.

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Patti Kay Hanrath

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Patti is a high-energy coach guiding clients through transformational learning opportunities to achieving better results. Strong in leading teams, taking a financial operation from 0 to 32 Million in 4 yrs and a team 17th in Customer Service to #1 in 8 mos. Patti is passionate about partnering with individuals and teams to develop leadership skills, habits and attitudes through accountability, to elevate success. Gaining clarity of purpose, she customizes your journey to unlock your untapped potential. Patti supports her clients through Coaching, Training and Workshops to develop effective communication, improved productivity, increased personal development, intentional goal setting and achieving, productive team collaboration to breaking through barriers that creates real and lasting results. Patti is eager to help Kinect You to Your Potential!

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Wayne Li

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Patti Schneider

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Sandy Ebbs

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Jessica LeBlanc

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Hannah Lin

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“As a member using Semi-Private space, the Hub services are indispensable, since internet is not an option at home… the HUB has become my hub for so many personal and business connections!”

Lynette Franklin