4 Pillars

I joined 4 Pillars Consulting Group late summer 2010. At that time, I was more so looking for a supplementary business, or at least a business that was not subject to the ebb and flow that seems to come with many sectors in Muskoka. Beyond that, I was also looking for a more recession proof business. Helping people get out of debt seemed to fit that criteria. After two years of operating successfully in Muskoka, I decided to open a new office in Red Deer AB, at that time my wife decided to also join our team. Almost 4 years in Alberta, away from home, we decided to sell that office and move back here to Muskoka, where we then re-opened a 4 Pillars office along with a new office in Sudbury and soon to be in North Bay. My wife’s family, my family, and a lot of our friends live in the region. This is where we want to live. Alberta was great, our office flourished, but home is home and you can’t put a price on that. At least we can’t.

Like business in any market, running a business in Muskoka has its challenges. However, we would rather face those challenges here, than another part of the province or country. One of the greatest rewards of working with people in Muskoka, is just that, the people. Our clients are genuinely thankful for the work that we do and we are thankful to have such great people for a client base. Our business is very unique and cutting edge in the world of financial restructuring, debt help, and debt solutions. I can confidently say that there is no other company in Canada, who has the ability to assist people in getting out of debt and back on the right path,as efficaciously as 4 Pillars Debt Solutions.


“As a member using Semi-Private space, the Hub services are indispensable, since internet is not an option at home… the HUB has become my hub for so many personal and business connections!”

Lynette Franklin