Hybrid professionals, or professionals who have experience working in various sectors, are an added advantage in finding innovative solutions as they naturally see problems and opportunities from more than one perspective.

The HUB is an accelerating environment for innovative solutions as professionals who would not normally interact have the opportunity listen to other perspectives, issues and solutions, while sharing their own. Research has shown that we are actually more creative when working on the outskirts of our profession, which means these interactions create an environment where new possibilities are more easily discovered.

A co-working space is an accelerating environment for innovative solutions as professionals are physically closer together, interacting and collaborating more naturally and seamlessly.

HUB Tank

HUB Tank is a group of experienced creative professionals from a cross section of disciplines who are eager to work with businesses and organizations ready to take the next step in creating a thriving enterprise that is also good for people and the planet. Participating entrepreneurs can access this pool of expertise and engage in a supportive, inspiring, and innovative brainstorm session that are specific to their goals and needs.

HUB Talks

HUB Talks are designed to be a series of interactive discussions facilitated weekly by local innovators. It is an opportunity for people to share their expertise in a way that invites thoughtful consideration and dialogue about topics that are crucial to the growth of people and all sectors of community.

When I was young I wanted to have fun in sport. I did not want to be the best or be a professional, I just wanted to participate. I was not able to understand that being in a wheelchair meant I was different. I tried all kinds of sports: soccer, basketball, track and field and downhill … Continue reading “Accomplish Today Fund for Sport”